Updated ARK Server

KingTru2 aMod posted Jul 8, 16

Hi folks,

The UBP servers are no longer consistently active for ARK: Survival Evolved, but all is not lost!

Near the end of May, I acquired my own ARK server. After communication between staff members, we've decided that this shall be the official ARK server of the Mo' Creatures Community. 

Server Name: Server of Friends

Password: potato

IP: (Although for most searching purposes, use

Suggestions on joining: 

Open the Steam browser, and select view in the upper left-hand corner. From the dropdown menu, choose "Servers". On the new window, find the "Favorites" tab. At the bottom of the window should be an "Add a Server" choice. Copy the IP address above (most likely with the "27026" port instead of "27025"). If successful, the listing should read "Server of Friends". You may now join the game directly from this menu, or simply by listing your favorite servers from within the game itself. If this solution doesn't work, you may consider searching through the full listings of unofficial servers.

NOTE: Currently, there are only 10 slots, but if I notice that an increase is necessary, I shall provide one.

NOTE 2: The server currently has PvP enabled. HOWEVER, warfare must be consentual and any griefing will result in removal from the server.