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We are currently running on Vanilla 1.12.2. I still recommend getting the latest Forge and Optifine, but mods are now OPTIONAL

If you still want to play Mo' Creatures and are willing to accept some risk of bugs, join us on the beta server at beta.mocreaturescommunity.org

Competitions and Events
Hey guys! I'm here to talk about the current server contest. As most of you know, it's been running for a while, but it's finally time for the building phase to draw to a close. That's right: it's time for the judging to begin!

All builds must be finished by August 1.

Judging will start on the afternoon of August 1 (Eastern Time). Basically, around the time I'm able to get on that day. The goal for the judging is not to decide the winner, but to narrow down the number of entries voted on. We've had almost 60 entries for the contest so far, and that's just too many to set up for a forum vote. The judges will narrow it down to 10-25 entries, that everyone can then vote for on the forums.

We will most very likely be unable to complete the judging on the 1st, and it more likely will take several days if not longer. The judging panel will be made up of any staff that wish to judge, as long as they themselves do not have entries in the contest. It would probably be helpful if it was done over Ventrilo a bit as well. The judging will commence when we have deemed that there are enough staff members to give a fair and well-rounded opinion of the entries.

Your entries will be judged based on a combination of their creativity, likeness of the mob, visible effort, and possible other factors.

I invite the public to watch the judging and travel around to the plots with us, BUT, if there is any issue or problem with a player while we are trying to judge,they will be sent to spawn. If the issue continues, they will be temporarily banned until the end of that days judging. If it's a chat offense, it may just be mute during the deliberations.

Note to all contest participants: a region blocking building will be thrown over the entire contest platform once judging begins. Make sure your builds are completely finished the way you want them to be.

Biomes O' Plenty Challenge

KingTru2 aMod posted Jun 10, 13
Hey guys, with the addition of Biomes O' Plenty on our servers, event potential has been tremendously   increased. After examining a lot of the new environmental settings added with the Mod, I was struck by an idea. What if we made a special event or challenge for every single biome on the server? Well, soon I got to work on this idea. 

So far, several of these challenges have been created. Each challenge relates in a special way to its biome.

Here are the completed challenges so far:

Icy Mountains Challenge: King of the Hill
Jade Cliffs Challenge: Cliff Climbers
Glacier Challenge: Icy Descent
Arctic Challenge: Winter Survival

This list will continue to be updated as more events are completed. 

Here's the important part:

The first person to win every challenge at least once will be our Grand Champion, and their reward will be greater than any prize ever given on the server before!

Detailed explanations of each event will be listed in a post on the forums. Look there for more information.
DayZ Donor King can you do the Icy Mountain more often I've never seen you do that event.
KingTru2 aMod I suppose.
Blu/Gabe ッ Question: can the Grand Champion prize be awarded more than once?