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Preparations for Mo'Creatures 1.6.2! Read em'!

By catbox01 LegacyDonor - Posted Jul 26, 13
Well, the rumor mill has been pretty darned busy lately, but the best guess is that Mo'Creatures 1.6.2 will be released the week of the 29th.

However, you need to do something right now! We know that 3 blocks in the Biomes O' Plenty for 1.6.2 will be over-written by Mojang blocks. You need to check and see if you have any of these blocks in use, and replace them with a Mojang default block until after the conversion (then you can switch them back). The blocks are (curiously) the same ones we have had issues with before: crag rock, skystone, and holy dirt. And any sub-block category like skystone cobble or skystone brick! (this would be like 170:1, etc.,) Switch them out ASAP! Why is it so important? Well, one of the blocks has been changed to carpet. Needless to say, Minecraft trying to render thousands of carpets and the same time would be very, very bad. There is another reason, which is explained below.

There are many things that still need to happen before the server can update to 1.6.2, even after Mo'Creatures has updated:

1) mcpc+ must be upgraded (and working) (this makes our server bukkit compatible).
2) LWC must be updated (this protects our chests and doors).
3) Opals Plus must be updated to 1.6.2
4) All players must convert to a Mo'Creatures Community specific Config file for Biomes o' Plenty!
We've been working to avoid the problems caused the last time Biomes updated, and we think we    have a solution. Is it ideal? No. But it should work with a minimum of issue - naturally, we'll be testing it. How? Well, we went through each biome to determine what it was before the IDs were changed, and what it had been re-numbered to. In many cases, no changes were necessary. In others, however, the Biome ID's had to be completely changed. I've run the config for conflicts, and I have yet to encounter any. I've even tested it with Millenaire. The config file should update the map without destroying large pieces of it if EVERYONE HAS THE SAME CONFIG FILE.

It is possible that the config update will need to be in a separate download, because Biomes O' Plenty creates one which must be over-written. I know that's annoying, but it's much less annoying than having to stay at 1.5.2, or having to start over on a new map.

Yes, that means there will be a download. We will try to package everything we can into a self-extracting zip that will go into your mods folder. There are certain things we cannot include in the zip:

a) Forge. Because the zipped objects will need to go in Forge generated folders, there's no good way to include Forge and have consistent results. Forge must come first.

b) Mo'Creatures Mod and Custom Mob Spawner. These two are Dr. Zhark's, and he does not want them packed, so we will respect his wishes. Yes, I know other servers are going to do it anyway. We are not them.

c) Optifine. Strictly speaking, this is not necessary for the player to connect to the server, so no, it will not be included.

d) TooManyItems/NotEnoughItems. Same deal as above. If you want it, you will have to install it separately.

So what can be put in the zip?

a) the API_GUI required by Mo'Creatures
b) Rei's mini-map
c) Balkon's weapons
d) Opals Plus
e) Biomes O' Plenty (and the proper config file)
f) The Small Boat Mod (maybe)
g) Custom NPCs (required for the PvP server) (maybe)

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