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We are currently running on Vanilla 1.12.2. I still recommend getting the latest Forge and Optifine, but mods are now OPTIONAL

If you still want to play Mo' Creatures and are willing to accept some risk of bugs, join us on the beta server at beta.mocreaturescommunity.org


Updating to 1.12.1

By MTPetey aOwner - Posted Aug 8, 17

The server has been updated to 1.12.1. The is some incompatibility between 1.12 and 1.12.1 and we want people to be able to use the latest version. Forge and Optifine are out. Optifine's website is experiencing issues, so you can download it here: http://optifined.net/adloadx.php?f=OptiFine_1.12.1_HD_U_C5.jar

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