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We are currently running on Vanilla 1.12.2. I still recommend getting the latest Forge and Optifine, but mods are now OPTIONAL

If you still want to play Mo' Creatures and are willing to accept some risk of bugs, join us on the beta server at beta.mocreaturescommunity.org


Mo' Creatures Beta Server

By MTPetey aOwner - Posted Oct 4, 17

It has only very, very recently been brought to my attention that Mo' Creaures is fully updated. This is incredibly exciting. While I hoped players would enjoy the new plugins on the Vanilla server (see below), we can't ignore this oppurtunity. The New Mo' Creatures Community server can be found at beta.mocreaturescommunity.org. This is being called a beta because... The plugin are unknowns to us and unlikely to work. I will probably do more than one map reset in the coming days, and adjust settings like crazy. Or may go silent for a week. We don't know. If you want excitement and willing to risk occasionally losing progress (we will try to keep this to a minimum of course), join the beta server. We're happy to have you!

There is one issue. Dr. Zhark doesn't seem to be aware of what cancerous mess adfly and mediafire have become. Both make my antivirus go a bit mental. If you use even basic security, you can expect issues. In accordance with his current policies, here is a link to the mods on Google Drive and a link where you can donate to Dr. Zhark directly.

Mods: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bysx-T67u1FjMFdJbGliMkNNY0U/view

Donations: https://www.paypal.com/donate/?token=zDg4HoswUOjrF4Pz7P1jnYmh1qUPbid1ysHV-AEI4IhJyP5vfkndnleDnzGi_JzMzGgXIG&country.x=CA&locale.x=CA

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