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We are currently running on Vanilla 1.12.2. I still recommend getting the latest Forge and Optifine, but mods are now OPTIONAL

If you still want to play Mo' Creatures and are willing to accept some risk of bugs, join us on the beta server at beta.mocreaturescommunity.org


Beta Server Progress

By MTPetey aOwner - Posted Oct 18, 17

Things on the Beta server are progressing well. Thanks almost entirely to Troll, we have a couple plugins working. Mo' Creatures is working well, and we haven't really had any lag issues. I think we might just stick with the current map for a while. I have started building spawn. Some settings will probably still need to be adjusting, and afaik we don't have a proper protection plugin yet. I am going to go forward with the modified rules listed a short ways down this page. A pet limit may be imposed in the future. There are still some issues that we don't have fixes for yet. Specifically a lot of people are complaining to get timed out of the server. We don't know why this is happening. There doesn't seem to be any pattern to it. We have seen the same issue in the past, and my only answer is that Forge and Sponge both need time to mature. Version 1.12 is still relatively new, and both Forge and Sponge have made some recent major changes that are going to take time to get all the bugs ironed out of. Times we've seen similar issues is when Minecraft or Forge have had major overhauls, and right now we have Minecraft, Forge, and Sponge having recently had major changes. If you can deal with occasional time outs, and some other minor (hopefully) annoyances, then please join us on the beta server, still at beta.mocreaturescommunity.org. We will discuss in the future what to do with the vanilla server and old 1.7.10 server.

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