1.12.2                IP: mc.mocreaturescommunity.org                 1.12.2

We are currently running on Vanilla 1.12.2. I still recommend getting the latest Forge and Optifine, but mods are now OPTIONAL

If you still want to play Mo' Creatures and are willing to accept some risk of bugs, join us on the beta server at beta.mocreaturescommunity.org


I have started a poll in the Server Suggestions subforum, regarding potentially making a new, more up to date Mo' Creatures server. I have also included the possibility of ditching Mo' Creatures and going straight to 1.12. I have including arguments for and against in the thread. I have also included the option to vote for more than one answer.

Also, my apologies for maintaining radio silence for so long. Been busy with IRL stuff. Mostly health and work related.


EDIT: Thank you Mousetail for setting up a discord for us. Most of us can most easily be found there, and not Teamspeak. Link: https://discord.gg/UYrraeP

Domain Name Issue fixed

MTPetey aOwner posted Jan 2, 17

It has come to my attention that mc.mocreaturescommunity,org hasn't been working for... months. I had no idea because I've 1) been busy, and 2) hadn't had a reason to actually test it. To make things simple, I forgot to hit the check boxes necessary for the domain to always point at the correct server. The mistake has been corrected. You may need to restart your computer or flush your dns (google this is needed) to be able to use the domain name again. In a related note, I am no longer paying for mtpetey.ddns.net, so while it works right now, he may stop working at any point in the future. In the future, you can use mtpetey,com instead.

Happy new year,


Donation options change

MTPetey aOwner posted Jul 26, 16

At the suggestion of our associates at UBP, the paypal donation button and link have been changed to go to my own paypal instead of there's. This is because the server, teamspeak, domain names, etc. are now being hosted and paid for by me, instead of them. I will insure donations are closely monitored, with records showing what the donated money is used for. They may be used for things such as paying for the website, paying for hardware improvements, or services directly benefitting the Mo' Creatures Community. If at anytime following the first donation (which we do not actually know when that will be), any senior staff member (i.e. moderator) or player (i.e. donor) can ask for a report on our finances which will be provided within 24 hours, per the established staff rules and responsibilities. I believe the actual thread with this information says 3 days, but that was because the information had to be gotten from UBP. That delay is no longer necessary. Others can request this information but I will not provide an exact ETA on when that information will be made available. It will be purely at my convenience. Other than that, nothing has really changed.

Domain names working again

MTPetey aOwner posted Jul 18, 16

Because of a number of issues, it took longer than expected to get the mocreaturescommunity.org domain name working again. A lot of stuff happened behind the scenes and long story short, its working again. As an added bonus, you can now use the mc.mocreaturescommunity.org domain name for the teamspeak as well. This is because both the server and teamspeak are now hosted from the same location, and magic.

Removing Knapsacks Plugin

MTPetey aOwner posted Jul 10, 16

As I suspected might be the case, the Knapsacks plugin is buggy. Its throwing errors and some people have lost access to their Knapsacks. We are going to remove the plugin. I suggest everyone empty their knapsacks ASAP, and if you cannot access a knapsack as a Moderator or higher if they can try to access it for you via commands. You have 48 hours to empty them.

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