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PVP Map Open for Testing

MTPetey aOwner posted Mar 31, 15

The PVP map is now open for testing. You can go to the gazebo at spawn and step onto the lapis ore block to get there. We are still figuring out all the Multiverse settings, and are changing a few plugins around, so expect changes. This is all mostly for testing so that we know what might and might not work for 1.8. The immediate plans are to get factions working on the PVP map and only the PVP map, get factions working with Dynmap, and work on making an End quest for the PVP world. The End quest will lead you to a version of the End that is harder than the standard End for the main map. If all goes as planned, beating it will have to be a team effort, but the team that does will be rewarded in a significant way. There is not a Nether for the PVP map, which limits access to fire opals and potions. We will probably add some sort of potion shop, but fire opals will not be added to the PVP map. We are also open to suggestions on what players think may help the PVP map be a success.

The issues described in the latter half of this post seem to have been fixed. The issue appears to have been the auto-save built in to Bukkit, which we were using. It seems it wasnt saving all the chunks correctly, and when we updated the server version, the bug was worse. We now have the ASW plugin again, and it handles the saves and backups a lot better than what we doing before. We had to get rid of this plugin in the past due to bugs, but it seems to be working perfectly again. I informed El, and I do not know if he will still want to do the consistency check on the drives or not. We'll keep informed. In other news, all events are being moved to a special Event World. This is to avoid issues with players bringing items to events, and it gives the Event guys a lot more room to work with.

Our server runs on a box that uses two 3TB drives in a RAID array, which means that both drives are mirrored and when anything is loaded from the disk, both drives are used, more than doubling access speeds. Its very cool, but I think there may be an issue with it. As some have noticed already, we have a few animals duping. What you may not have noticed, some changes made on the the maps seem to keep reverting for no reason. I first noticed it with little things a couple weeks ago. More recently, I built some stuff within the spawn region last weekend, then I decided to remove it. Today, I was looking at the dynmap, and noticed something weird in the spawn region. When I zoomed in, it was the stuff I had deleted 5 days before dynmap was even added. When I went there, it was all there. I spent over an hour today continuously removing the builds, and they would reappear, but only random chunks at a time. We also pasted some stuff on the WIP PVP map, and then removed it. Again, it keep reappearing. We are not sure what is causing this, but I suspect it is an error with the RAID array. At some point, probably today, the server will be stopped and remain off for a while. During that time the UBP founder, Elwood, will be doing a consistency check with the RAID array to determine if my theory is correct. If its not the issue, we will be trying adding a plugin to do the save instead of the built in Bukkit saves, and testing whatever else we can think of to fix the issues we are presently having.

We're back in business baby

MTPetey aOwner posted Mar 25, 15

So much news, so little time.

The events of the past few days have really gotten me motivated to start improving the server even more, and during my conversations with the owners/admins on some of the other Mo' Creatures servers, I've discoved some exciting information. First things first. I found a copy of the elusive Cauldron update we've been trying to get our hands on. This fixes some of the plugin issues we've had in the recent past. Furthermore, I discovered that either the copy of Mo' Creatures we had uploaded to server was slightly corrupted, or Kratos released a patched version and didnt change the version number. Both have happened in the past, but I think the latter is a bit more likely. Point is, the ray issue is fixed!

While talking to Wolfman, the owner and founder of Creaturecraft, he told me that Zharky has become active again. Looking on the Minecraft forum page, we've found out that he had some personal issues to deal with over the past year, and is now free to work on the mod again. He has been working 3-4 hours every night for the past couple weeks working on.... the 1.8 update! He's rewritting all the code, to make the existing stuff even better, and when we're finally on 1.8, he's going to start adding more content, including the Ogre Lair. He already has models for the three Ogre Lair bosses, the Ogre Princes, and it all looks very cool. We aren't sure when the update will be released, but others are eagerly preeping for it, and I think we should as well. The plan as of right now is to keep our current map as is, and use Multiverse to add a seperate PVP enabled overworld map. With the changes 1.8 makes to how seperate worlds are handled, this shouldnt cause any significant performance changes. I know, it seems a lot like how the official server does their maps, but when someone is doing something right, why should we do it differently?

Before the update hits, we're looking to make a few other changes. We're looking at a few plugins that might be good to add. With the 213 build of Cauldron we might be able to bring MyPet back, and we're going to be adding Dynmap. We also might add a new portal plugin, either temporarily until we're on 1.8 and have Multiverse portals, or permanently. Check it out, and give us feed back:

We are also open to any and all suggestions. The best way to make sure we take your suggestion seriously is to post it in the suggestions part of the forums. Can't find it? Then just post the thread in General or Off topic and we can relocate it for you.

saphireslayer21 Donor there are but i would rather have a flying machine
catbox01 LegacyDonor Forget the flying machines, saphire. I heard tell about a walking mechanical using the slime blocks....
saphireslayer21 Donor When we update to 1.8 will we be allowed to build afk slime farms? And/or flying machines?

Servers, Staff, and Advertising

MTPetey aOwner posted Mar 24, 15

So, yesterdays mess got sorted out, and I think some good ended up coming from all of it, so lets put it behind us and get on with what is important.

On the topic of other servers, I would like to remind everyone that we are not really in competition with the Official Mo' Creatures server. They do not mind us discussing our server on their site or server, and vice-versa. They have a different way of doing things than we do, and we think people should feel free to play on which ever they prefer. We use the DailyBonus plugin to give players small, daily rewards, they use voting sites. They use GreifPrevention for protecting claims, while we use WorldGuard. They are more strict with their rules against using cheats, glitchs, or hacks, while we're more strict with our rules regarding language, inappropriate topics, etc. In the end though, we are still just people who enjoy the Mo' Creatures mod and want to make it as enjoyable as possible on multiplayer. People can have different ways of achieving that same goal, and still get along. Lets try to keep this in mind.

On the topic of staff, I would like to make sure everyone is aware of some recent changes taking place. The Officer rank is seeing some major changes. We are going to start treating as less of a first step on the way to moderator, and more of a permenent position for some players, especially the younger crowd. The resposibilities of the rank are still the same, but they will be focusing more on helping new players, and enforcing the chat rules. In accordance with this, they will not be able to temporarily ban players on follow players in vanish any more. Instead, their primary tools will be the jail and mute commands. Cannot follow the chat rules? Then you won't be allowed to talk in chat for a while. Have trouble following the other rules, or muting does not phase you? You can spend some time in jail, possibly muted at the same time. Do something serious? A higher ranking staff member will handle the final decision on your punishment. The Mini-Mod rank will be considered more of a training rank now, but you will need to know World Guard before being set to said rank. We are also planning on giving Moderators a bit more power, so that they can help more with server functions, which most of the community might be completely unaware of.

We had quite a few players on last night, and ran some events for everyone. The players seemed to really enjoy them, so I hope we will be able to start running them every night again. We realize some players do not care for them, so we do like to have a certain amount of players on before we start them. In hopes of getting turn outs similar to last night, I want to start advertising the server again. I have the Planet Minecraft page working again. Feel free to check it out, vote for us, comment, etc. I am also giving permission for anyone who wants to, to do Lets Plays, Lets Builds, streams or any other videos featuring the server. Have other ideas of how to attract more players? Let us know in the comments below.

Insomnyac ModDonorF-Mod Can you post the PMC link in a publc place so people can navigate to it easier?

How we act on other servers...

MTPetey aOwner posted Mar 23, 15

It has come to my attention that some of us are going on to other servers, stating where we come from, and then acting in a very unbecoming fashion. While our players do not represent the community in an official capacity, our staff do. Whether you are staff or not, when you say you call our community home, people then see you as representing us. This is especially true when getting on servers similar to our own. We would prefer this to be positive representation, but that is not always the case.

Yesterday, a player from the Official Mo' Creatures Server, migrated to our own, and expressed discontent with how she was treated there. We do not know most of the facts. Just what she told us. The appropriate thing for us to do, would be to introduce her to ours, and make her feel welcome. Some players expressed other issues that had supposedly encountered on the official server, most of which were unverifiable rumors. The right thing for us to do in that situation, would have been to ignore it. Instead one of our players went on there, acted extremely rude and disrespectful towards there staff members, announcing that they were from here, and repeating the rumors that some of our players stated. As of me writing this, I am waiting for Kratos to send the logs to know exactly what was said, and I am still dealing with the fall out.

We do not always agree with how other servers do things. I know that even I have said things I did not care for about the official server, or the Creature Craft server. But it is easy for us to judge them from a far. They are not us. They can run their servers however they want. They use voting sites, when we (generally) do not want to use them. They use different plugins than we do. There cretia for hiring staff is different from ours. They know what does, and does not work for them. And you know what? They get more players than we do right now. We may not like it, but it is a fact. The players we do get from them, usually say we seem like a better community, with more respectable staff, and a fair way of doing things. Really, what it comes down to is, different people like different atmospheres, playing by different rules, etc. We have ours, other servers have theres. We also depend on having a mutual respect between our servers. We might not all like each other, but Kratos has helped us out a lot over the years. We would not have come as far as we have without his continues support. Wolfman got his start on our server, and some of the staff on both servers started out here. When we go on other servers and act in a way as described above, we threaten that level of respect, and we make players on all three servers think less of us.

Use common sense, don't be a jerk, and don't beg for things. I know two of those can be found on the rule board at spawn, and the first one should not need stating. Stick to those, and we'll all be fine. Violate those three, here or elsewhere, and you're gonna have a bad time.

catbox01 LegacyDonor People, people, people: it doesn't matter how other people run their servers, because we've been pretty much d...
saphireslayer21 Donor i am very sorry for this petey
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