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Planned Down Time

MTPetey aOwner posted Dec 31, 15

UPDATE: I have the i7 installed. I tried messing with the overclock settings, and what I learned from it is, I have far, far more to learn than I thought I did. I'll be attempting to figure it out during the day tomorrow, so expect downtime.

Update 3: Motherboard install went fine (as far as I can tell anyways). Should make things easier for when I install the new CPU, which should be on thursday

Update 2: New parts arrived sans cpu, and I cant help but want to test. I also don't see where anyone has been online in a while. So, everything is offline for the rest of the night (or for a couple hours if everything goes as planned). Sorry for any inconvience.

Happy New Year and, as always, thank you for being a part of the Mo' Creatures Community.

Edit: And happy birthday Cburg.

Edit2: And a late happy birthday to Catbox

__Kelly__ Donor i guess. i havent been on for a day and a half cuz i was orgnaizing closets loool
Sunbird Mini-ModDonor well in the past few days the server has been mostly empty.
__Kelly__ Donor in awhile? really... i play all the time. sun is on a lot. pie has been on, cocoa has. mouse, mega. so people do play c...

JurassiCraft Server Updates

MTPetey aOwner posted Dec 12, 15

Some changes have been made to the mods on the server based on player response. Lycanites has been removed. Primitive Mobs, Iron Chests, and CustomNPCs has been added. The last of those will mostly be usable by staff, but players will be able to interact with the NPCs created. Some plugin adjustments have also been made, including adding Wireless Redstone. The other changes are mostly background stuff. An updated zip is below.

Updated Mod Zip

Teamspeak Change (again)

MTPetey aOwner posted Dec 7, 15

The Teamspeak was costing the community (ie mostly Catbox and occasionally myself) $60 a year. With my new internet working better than expected, and realizing that we could have a TS with more slots for free, I decided to host a teamspeak server myself.

As we saw earlier today, sometimes unexpected issues occur with internet connection or what have you. Still, free is free, so we'll try it for a while. IP is I'm going to try to get Elwood to set up for the teamspeak, and for the JurassiCraft server.

Jurassic Craft Server

MTPetey aOwner posted Dec 2, 15

As many already know, we now have a working server with JurassiCraft. At the request of players and staff, several other mods have been added. This limitations on building seem to be practically non-existant. Anyone who gets bored would have to have serious ADHD. Based on the popularity, it seems the server will be here to stay. To make things easier, I have put all of the mods into a zip file. I have also included some useful mods that I recommend using for a better experience. As always, Mo' Creatures and CMS have to be downloaded from the official source, as requested by Dr. Zhark.

The list of mods are:

Carpenters Blocks

Chocolate Quest

Colored Water (currently not being used on the server due to unforseen issues)

Forge Multipart

JurassiCraft and LLibrary


Opals Plus



TooManyItems (should not be used if you already have NEI


Disclaimer: I have this running on my main computer. The computer has a 3.2 GHz i5 processor, 16GBs of RAM, and I recently got 75mbps internet. The majority of the time, there should be no issues with excessive lag (in fact, afaik the tps hasn't gone down at all yet). It is possible however if I'm doing any CPU intensive tasks. Again, if there is significant interest, I'll take the steps necessary to make sure it doesn't happen.

MousePawGirl/MouseTail Donor Cant find where to install carpenter blocks, can someone tell me?
__Kelly__ Donor this is really neat petey. i am really enjoying it. if you want it to be sort of like ark. you should try the thirst mod...
Sunbird Mini-ModDonor Sounds interesting. I'll check it out

New staff title: Super-Mod

MTPetey aOwner posted Sep 16, 15

Most people here are familiar with the staff ranks, although not everyone knows exactly what their responsibilities are. We try outrbest to match staff to the responsibilities they are best suited for. Sometimes people are put into positions that are more in line with the immediate needs of the server than where they fit best.

Several months ago we were in a position where there were no active MIB, and I was doing all the Owner responsibilities, as well as the MIB work, and still trying to do Moderator stuff when none were online. Lets just say stress levels were high at times. That is part of what lead to DazzlingGarnet (aka Derkwizzerds) being promoted to MIB as soon as he inquired about it. TryHardTroll was also put on the fast track to being made MIB at that time. They have both been very useful in that postion, but looking at the list of responsibilities below, TryHard is significantly more skilled for 1-6, while Derk seems to have a nack for 7-12. Both are exeptional at number 13. Keeping this in mind, we are now asking Derk to concentrate on those areas as well as training staff, and helping to make sure needs of the server are being met in terms of available staff, resources, etc. There may be some smaller details worked out later. So, technically, he's still in the same position and level of authority, but has a cool new title that better reflects the duties we want him to concentrate on.

1) monitor and adjust server as necessary to maintain best performance.
2) install, remove, or modify plugin files or config files as necessary to insure continued function.
3) provide oversight, advice, and mitigation for any event or activity which may adversely affect the server or game play.
4) Perform timely backups, remove old files to stay within size limits, search for updates for all files in use frequently.
5) Install updates after checking to insure that updates will not generate server errors.
6) identify new plugins/mods which may be useful/entertaining/beneficial to the server.
7) monitor Officers, Mini-Mods, Moderators, and Event_Masters for rule compliance.
:sick: ban, demote, mute, or temp-ban those individuals breaking the server rules.
9) monitor the console to track activity and assign Officers/Mini-Mods/Moderators to investigate as indicated.
10) pass copies of the log to the server owner/s upon request.
11) mitigate disputes between senior players and Owner/s.
12) Design, build, or implement improvements/adaptions/constructs that support the server in a long-term, sustainability sense.
13) Be cool, hang out, drink cold ones, wear dark glass, and zap people so they are only left with the dim realization that you are cool, without remembering the details.
14) execute temporary or permanent bans (subject to Owner approval) of players or staff as necessary to insure server operations are not impacted.


PumpkinFly Mini-ModDonor I like how for "ban, demote, mute, or temp-ban those individuals breaking the server rules.", it has a...
pigeonpigface Well Good luck to both Derk and Troll and I hope they can work through it and succeed!
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