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We are currently running on Vanilla 1.12.2. I still recommend getting the latest Forge and Optifine, but mods are now OPTIONAL

If you still want to play Mo' Creatures and are willing to accept some risk of bugs, join us on the beta server at beta.mocreaturescommunity.org


Officer Applications

MTPetey aOwner posted Jun 18, 16

We've the recent jump in popularity, we're now thinking about adding an Officer or two. An Officer on our server is kind of like a traffic cop. When you witness inappropriate behaviour, you deal with it using the tools at your disposal, or you report the issue to the higher ups. The main tools Officers have at their disposal are the /mute and /jail commands. If someone violates a chat rule, you mute them for awhile, making it clear that talking in global chat is a priveledge which can be taken away. If they are actively breaking a behavioural rule, you can stick them in jail. They will not be able to use commands, or travel from the jailcell. If a player is breaking a major rule which requires the attention of a higher ranking staff member, jail and mute them, and then file a report. A report should be filed everytime you have to punish someone (training on this will be given to anyone who is promoted).

Officers are expected to treat all players equally and fairly. They will also be asked to help settle disputes between players in a mature and appropriate fashion. Officers can also be called on at anytime to help higher ranking members of staff, or to participate in training exercises. Participation at these times is not optional. We ultimately hope that every Officer will display the maturity, responsibility, and eagerness to learn to be promoted to higher ranks.

The Application for all who are interested can be found here: http://www.mocreaturescommunity.org/application

__Kelly__ Donor I just saw this. I applied a bit ago. i heard you guys on team speak so thats why i applied.
Moldy_Vort Should I apply...???

Clarification of PVP zone rules

MTPetey aOwner posted May 21, 16

For those new players clearly not in the know, teleporting in and out of battle is against the rules. Cut and dry. The spirit of this rule expands to teleporting to a player, or having them teleport to you and then killing them immediately. Since that is questionable to some, it has been added to the PVP zone rule board, which can be viewed by typing "/pvp" in chat, minus the quotation marks. Additionally, someone violating a rule does not give you the right to violate other rules, with the exception of /me, which may be used to get a mods attention. In any other instance, if a player is breaking a rule, please report it on the website.

Thank you.

Sunbird Mini-ModDonor If you need to get our attention, /helpop is preferred to /me.

Weather Advisory PSA

MTPetey aOwner posted Jan 21, 16

I would like to remind everyone that all of all servers are now hosted off of local machines at residential locations located in the US. While in winter, we need to remember that power outages are more likely to occur due to inclement weather. We will try to keep you informed of any such outages. This weekend, for example, Virginia is supposed to be hit by one of the biggest snow storms we've had in years. While we have a backup generator, it can not be left running 24/7 because of financial reasons. If there is a power outage, the Jurassicraft and TS servers will be offline.The main server, and the UBP game and teamspeak servers are hosted elsewhere.

Ace1362 Is anyone playing this server anymore I missed it and brought some friends! it so weird to see everything gone

I Changed My Mind

MTPetey aOwner posted Jan 20, 16

Update: I have everything up and running it. Everything seems to be working as Intended. I also got auto-restarts working on the JurassiCraft server. MIB need only contact me for connection info.

A couple weeks ago, when I announced plans to make major upgrades to my computer, I said I could put together my spare parts, and setup another PC as a dedicated box to run the teamspeak and jurassicraft server off of. I said at the time that I didn't think it was a good choice. Now, I have changed my mind for a number of reasons. 1) I love tinkering around with my computer. Rerearanging cables on the inside, installing and uninstalling... questionable software, messing with BIOS settings, etc. All requiring me to restart my PC a lot. 2) My case has amazing airflow, but my house gets dustier than I'd like, especially my room. A lot of air moving through my case, and poor excuse for dust filters means my computer gets a lot dustier than I'd like. Before, I would cut my computer off when not in use. Now its on all the time and gets dustier a lot quicker. 3) Having a spare PC to use as a server isn't the worst idea anyways. I could run other stuff off it as well, and give the MIB remote access to it. 4) I think it would be fun to setup. 5) I finally figured out a good spot to put the thing. So... yeah, more planned downtime... whenever I get time to set it up. But, it should mean significantly less downtime in the future.

Slight Rule Change

MTPetey aOwner posted Jan 11, 16

Pretty much everyone here is familiar with the "English only in global chat" rule. The rule exist for a number of reasons. The main reason is that the majority (almost everyone really) who plays on our servers understands English. Maybe not fluently, but well enough. But, sometimes the majority of people on one of our servers may not be fluent in English. Just today, I got on while other players were, and those players mainly speak (what I think was) Serbian. As soon as I got on, they switched from speaking in global, to using message. While I admire their adherence to the rules, it also didn't seem fair to me. Why should they have to change what their doing for my sake, when I am the odd one out? So, for now on, the English only rule will apply only if the majority of people on mainly speak english. Staff discretion applies. So, for example, if 3 people speak spanish, and only 1 person doesn't, spanish can be used in global. If 2 people speak spanish, and 4 people on do not, stick to English. We may even add chat channels for languages that are commonly used if it is needed.

wybug Lol! Rule changed because of ice and me xD And yes, we speak Serbian.
__Kelly__ Donor very thoughtful of you petey. its really nice to see an owner that acutally cares about players feelings.
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