Moldy_Vort posted Apr 5, 13
 Mo' Creatures Community Server Rules

1) If you have questions about the mod, check the official Mo' Creatures forum.
2) No movement Mods / Cheats
3) No x-ray mods or texture packs
4) No griefing, no pvp
5) No scamming
6) No spam, caps, or swearing
7) No stealing or killing tamed pets
8) Don't ask for ranks, items, or animals
9) Animals will not be refunded except in designated circumstances
10) Don't use inappropriate skins, names, or pet names
11) Respect the staff and other players
12) No racism or sexism
13) Pet limit is 25 per player for builders; Diamond Contributors & up may have 5 additional pets.
14) Build at least 1000 blocks away from spawn
15) English in Global Chat
16) Use /me or /action ONLY for reporting active crime or official server functions.
17) To move, you must have prior permission from a Mod & have a good reason
18) Houses owned by players who have been inactive for more than 30 days can be removed by a mod (posted long term absence notices will not result in deletion)
19) This is a kid friendly server. Don't talk about adult themes.
20) Do not advertise other Minecraft servers
21) No invisibility potion usage without permission
22) Avoid creating drama by spreading rumors or badmouthing other players or staff
23) Avoid settling within 100 blocks of another player, unless you have their permission, or unless you are in a town or settlement.
24) Branch mining is allowed on your own property or under the ocean floor ONLY.
25) Open pit mines cannot be made closer than 100 blocks from another players region, must leave the top 3-4 surface blocks intact, and must be on land specifically claimed by you.
26) Use of AFK machines is not allowed by players OR staff.
27) Do not use chat clients (MineChat) or similar clients that log you in without you actually playing the game. The only exception is the dynmap, since it does not log your character in.
28) The server rules also apply to the forums

These rules may be considered our T.O.S. By logging on to our server, you agree to follow these rules. Continued violation of these rules may lead to a server ban. Donors banned for violation of TOS will not have their donations refunded.